Sustainability and protection of the natural environment are engrained in the culture of Henderson County:

-Compressed Natural Gas Stations (publicly led projects in Henderson & Buncombe Counties) 
-Electric vehicle charging stations (Asheville & Hendersonville)
-LEED construction initiatives
-River conservation- “Friends of the River” 
-Solid waste reduction goal of 40% by 2019 (Henderson County)
-Resource Conservation Plan • Largest Solar Thermal Project in the World – Vanir Energy (November 2008)
-Organizations such as ECO and the Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy focus on preserving the culture of Western North Carolina through sustainable practices
-Earth Fare, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company and Wilsonart are just a few companies focusing on sustainable practices in their everyday operation
-North Carolina State University's E3 Program Participant, Strengthening Manufacturing in North Carolina Through Sustainable Business Practices


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